You read Projecting X 2.0. You learned how to project baseball player performance like a wizard, if wizards did that sort of thing.
But time is a valuable commodity and forecasting statistics as meticulously as Projecting X 2.0 teaches requires a hefty amount of it.

Introducing the Projecting X 2.0 Excel Template

(Microsoft Excel 2007 or later for Windows required)

A tool that guarantees a simpler, faster and more powerful way to put the Projecting X 2.0 process in action.

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MVP-Worthy Features

  • Statistics instantly pulled from FanGraphs when a player is selected from the drop-down box
    • 5 seasons of historical Major League data
    • Full or rest-of-season Steamer projection
    • 3 seasons of Minor league data & 10 stints along the way
  • 3 year weighted and straight averages automatically calculated for all metrics
  • Convenient links to the player's page on Fangraphs, Baseball-Reference, Pro Sports Transactions for injury history, and more
  • So much time saved that your significant other will have to figure out how to spend all this new free time with you

Note: The Projecting X 2.0 Excel Template requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later for Windows

Download now for just $9.99!   Add to Cart

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What Others Are Saying:

"The Projecting X Excel template was incredibly easy to use and a big help when formulating my catcher and first base projections for's Fantasy Preview. The inclusion of past performance data and Steamer projections helped save a lot of time and I could not recommend this product any more highly." - Dalton Mack, Today Sports Weekly

"The Excel template that Tanner Bell and Mike Podhorzer have put together make it easy it apply the principles of Projecting X and organize your own projections projects. The template is packed with links to all of the resources you need and laid out in an intuitive way so that even an Excel novice can understand and follow the directions. I began using this system for our website's baseball projections last year and now I can't imagine doing it any other way." - Tim McCullough,

"The Projecting X Excel template has made it easier than ever to do my own projections. Before the template I would spend hours gathering the relevant stats needed to do the calculations, but with the Projecting X Excel template I not only have all the stats at my fingertips but also links to the relevant player pages on the best fantasy sites. Everything I need to project players is there. Using the template in combination with Mike's outstanding book, "Projecting X", even those with a deathly fear of Excel will find themselves churning out player projections in no time!" - Jeff Sobers

"The Projecting X template makes the task of projecting player stats simple, fun, and above all else efficient. The template comes with almost all player names imaginable and its design allows for quick addition of any missing player. More importantly once set up, it allows you to project a players performance in under a minute. By using this template the most time consuming part of preparing for your draft will now be completed in a fraction of the time." - Zach Stuebing

"The Projecting X Template is a great tool to better understand the drivers of player performance. I like creating my own projections but don't have the time to start from scratch. The template is easy to use and saved me time." - David Fraenkel

"Projecting X Excel Template is a great resource for anyone wanting to take the plunge into understanding and creating there own fantasy projections. The template gives an edge by making it easy to highlight the stats and info that is important to you, and not what is emphasized by someone who has no understanding of YOUR league . The fantasy success that followed only confirms what I know that this was a great purchase!" - Monte Kraft

"Before the 2015 season, I was determined to win my league. I did plenty of research, scoured the Internet, and found Projecting X [Excel Template]. Making my own projections was always a challenge for me and using the Projecting X [Excel Template] surely helped me along the way, by simplifying the math and easy to use format. Thanks!" - Patrick Weber

"Thanks to [the Projecting X Excel Template], I finally took first in my high stakes keeper league. Invaluable resource for constructing reliable projections and forcing you to do your own homework rather than piggybacking on the public projections everyone is using." - Christopher K

"I've used the template in the past with great success. Especially with finding some hidden gems. The detailed inputs make customizing to my needs easy. Especially if I want to input a few items with a gut feel. To top it off, your customer service is second to none. You promptly answered emails with questions I had about using the template. Great stuff!!" - Matthew Stovall

"The amount of statistical information in this template is mind-boggling. The ease of use, and the ability to view, sort & filter through players and projected stats is second to none. Projecting X [Excel Template] is a great tool to use to get ahead in your fantasy league. I would highly recommend Projecting X [Excel Template] to anyone (as long as he/she is not in the same fantasy league)!" - KM Jackson

""I purchased the Projecting X Book and the Projecting X Template. The projections were spot while my projection process and workflow became way more efficient. I will never play another season without it! Thanks Mike." - Eric Carillo

"I’ve been using the Projecting X template for 2 years running and have really enjoyed using the product. It’s been a great tool to find undervalued and overvalued players on your own. It almost feels like cheating using it against your opponents come draft day and throughout the season!!" - Jeffrey Simmons

"Projecting X [Excel Template] reduces the time to project players which allows me to make better use of my time such as reading scouting reports and being better educated in player health and team plans for players. Projecting X [Excel Template] then makes it much easier to fine tune my projections as I gain more knowledge and therefore make more informed decisions throughout the season." - Steve Ryan

"I have been compiling information by hand for over 18 years and now after finding [the Projecting X Excel Template] and emailing Tanner I now have a working spreadsheet that does all my calculations for me in a fraction of the time. I have learned a lot about Excel and linking items to auto-fill and this was made possible thanks to [the Projecting X Excel Template]. If you do any fantasy baseball, Tanner's design is incredible." - Greg Munson

"The Projecting X Book and Template are an invaluable tool in assisting with your teams. It makes sorting and searching for a certain player, a breeze. The amount of in-depth stats you are able to pull is second to none." - Mike Sands

"As a fantasy baseball player, have you ever wondered how all those projections across the web were created? Have you ever said to yourself, 'How could I develop my own projections?' Mike Podhorzer's blockbuster ebook Projecting X has your answer. In this straight-forward, easy to read presentation, Mike demystifies the process, and art, of developing your own fantasy baseball projections. Now with the aid of the recently updated 2016 Projecting X Template for Excel, the process could not be any easier. Whether you are a new fantasy baseball player or a seasoned veteran, the tools Mike has bundled together are an invaluable resource while preparing for the coming baseball season. I would highly recommend these tools to any fan of any age or skill level." - Mark Gaudino

"Projecting X Excel Template is a great way to fill months between the ending fantasy baseball season and the beginning of the first drafts for the next season. Projecting X allows one to build their own projections..." - Dave Shunk