2014 Pod Projections

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The Pod Projections were developed by yours truly, Mike Podhorzer, following the methods outlined in my eBook Projecting X, which so happens to be available for purchase on this very site.

Why you should trust my projections over the swath of freely available systems:

  • I have been projecting players manually since 2001 and have never relied on a computer model to spit out results.
  • I calculate every underlying metric by hand and am therefore aware of and factor in injuries, off-season player movement and anything else that should affect a player's projected output.
  • I am a Tout Wars champion, winning the inaugural 2013 mixed draft league against 14 other highly competitive fantasy baseball analysts.
  • I was a consistently strong performer in Tom Tango's Forecasters Challenge:

What's Included in the 2014 Pod Projections Package:

  • Oodles of hitters and pitchers forecasted with an ever growing projection population based on your requests.
  • That very ability to contact me to request a player not already included on the projection list.
  • A vast array of projected statistics, including nearly every standard stat (not just fantasy categories!), plus advanced metrics.
  • Regular projection updates with a projection change log.

View my forecasting process in action as I developed a 2014 projection for a hitter and a pitcher!

Hitter example   Pitcher example

Download now for $9.99 just $3.00!   Add to Cart

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