2017 Pod Projections

The Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Projections

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The Pod Projections were developed by yours truly, Mike Podhorzer, following the methods outlined in my eBook Projecting X 2.0, which just so happens to be available for purchase on this very site.

Why You Should Trust My Projections Over the Swath of Freely Available Systems:

  • I have been projecting players manually since 2001 and have never relied on a computer model to spit out results.
  • I calculate every underlying metric by hand and am therefore aware of and factor in injuries, off-season player movement, and anything else that should affect a player's projected performance.
  • I have developed several proprietary metrics that guide my forecasts, including hitter xHR/FB and xBABIP, along with pitcher xK%, that rely on underlying components not considered in the other forecasting systems.
  • I am the 2015 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Baseball Writer of the Year and a two-time finalist for Baseball Article of the Year, both of which related to projecting player performance.
  • I am a Tout Wars champion, winning the inaugural 2013 mixed draft league against 14 other highly competitive fantasy baseball analysts.
  • I am a member of the prestigious Tout Wars AL fantasy league. Yes, the one featured in the fantastic book Fantasyland.
  • My 2014 pitcher projections were proven best as calculated in Will Larson's Projection Review.
  • I was a consistently strong performer in Tom Tango's Forecasters Challenge:

What's Included in the 2017 Pod Projections Package:

  • Oodles of hitters and pitchers forecasted with an ever growing projection population based on your requests.
  • A vast array of projected statistics, including nearly every standard stat (not just fantasy categories!), plus advanced metrics and even pitcher Quality Starts!
  • The ability to contact me to request a player not already included on the projection list.
  • Regular updates with a projection change log.

Download the 2016 Pod Projections FREE to discover exactly how much happiness they will bring you!

View my forecasting process in action as I developed a 2016 projection for a hitter and a pitcher!

Hitter Example - Kris Bryant   Pitcher Example - Jeff Samardzija

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